for your lips only

How many times have you paused after finishing your eye make-up and wondered.. which lipstick shall I choose now?

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Could you possibly guess the shade of the lipstick that I chose?

A fresh and innocent pink, that is. One that goes with my uplifting mood this spring!

But, what does it take for a lipstick to be the perfect one?

Let's see...

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First of all I advice you when starting your make-up, do ask yourself "which one of my features would I like to enhance, my eyes or my lips?". And always maintain a balance between them. Meaning, if you go for bold lips, do keep your eye make-up discreet and vice versa. This way your makeup will always look contemporary and not as if it came out of a different era!

In this case I chose a smokey eye make-up, medium in tensity and therefore I chose quite a fair-hued lipstick. I also wanted it to be vivid and fresh, and here came the cool pink tone on my lips. To add the finishing touch I topped it up with some lip gloss, since I have used matte eye shadows. I will keep repeating this constantly: make-up has texture, not just colour ! So, I chose to add some shine to my lips.



Tip! Always apply your lipstick first and add your blush afterwards. This way you will easily choose the correct hue and the intensity that should have.


To sum it up, three factors control the correct hue of our lipstick: the color of our eyes, our skin tone and our hair color !


If you have green, grey or blue eyes, choose a lipstick in cool tones, or in other words a shade that incorporates blue in it. Same applies if your skin tone has pink undertones.

For golden complexions and brown eyes choose a lipstick in warm tones, or in other words a shade that incorporates orange/red in it.

You might wonder why I opted for a cool toned lip color since I have brown eyes and a golden complexion. Here comes the "hair color" factor that I explained before! (Yes, this purple is true!) επιστροφή στην αρχή της σελίδας