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Bridal makeup tip: fairy glitter on your wedding look! Yes or No


I have repeatedly tried to explain that glitter on a bridal look is a big NO! They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and I thought this one makes the perfect example. Let me explain why.


Quoting VOGUE: "At Burberry, Wendy Rowe smudged kohl into the lash line and then diffused glitter from the outer corners of some models' eyes."


And this have worked fantastically for the runway, but it never does on a wedding.


Take a look at this picture. Wouldn't you love a fairy touch on your face? Well the camera flash will certainly not. The glitter will become tiny mirrors reflecting every camera flash and ruin your pictures! Therefore, as long as you wish not for small white and black dots on your bridal photos, you might stay well away from any glittery products!

Backstage at Burberry - Autumn/Winter 2016. 
Image from Indigitalεπιστροφή στην αρχή της σελίδας