absolute black

An easy technique to apply  black eye-pencil  at the  upper inner rim  of your eye! 

100703 0059  Photo by Giorgos Makkas via AntigoniLivieratou.com


 For an absolutely dramatic effect 

-first step: apply black eye-pencil to the lower inner rim of your eye.
-close eyes very tight!
-you will now be able to notice that your upper inner rim of your eye is dyed black too!
-repeat first step (and second step for an even more intense effect!).
-smudge any product excess at your skin around the eye with a sponge smudge tool or a cotton pad.
-apply a layer of black eye-shadow.
-apply mascara.

Proceed with the rest of the makeup as desired!

If you are generally confident in applying makeup, you could always apply the eye-pencil straight to your upper inner rim!


The products you use should be made by a good quality brand and should be hypoallergenic and paraben-free if possible.
Always make sure you sharpen (for
hygiene purposes!) the eye-pencil just before each usage and softly tab its nose on the back of your hand to make it soft and less pointy!
If you have sensitive eyes you'd better avoid an eye-pencil and use natural Arabic Kohl instead!
Also, for prolonging a good eye-health and in order not to irritate and damage your eyes, always remember that this tecnique should be used just once in a while for a special occasion and
not be part of your daily routine! επιστροφή στην αρχή της σελίδας