boho hairstyles with flowers

What is the first thing that comes into my mind when I think of  spring?  Flowers, blooms and petals of every type!

So this year, I suggest you wear some spring on your  boho-chic hairstyle! 

Spring among all seasons has the mildest temperatures. This is the ideal time of the year for incorporating flowers in your bohemian bridal hairdo. Therefore, I have collected a few of the most beautiful bridal hairstyles I found in AntigoniLivieratou archives & also from the web for a boho-chic bride!

Photo (up): Penelope Photos/escape via Antigoni Livieratou  
A flower crown is the ultimate boho-chic choice. It looks beautiful on waves, curls, even on straight hair worn down. Side fish-tails go fantastically with flower crowns as well. The wreath can be thin with some bigger flowers spread around it- think of a combination of baby's breath and wild roses or camelias. Or it can be made entirely either of tiny small flowers (baby's breath or mimosa) or of an assortment of bigger ones (wild country flowers or lavender). In any case, choose a crown that is in good proportion with your hairstyle.  


Photo (up): Thanasis Kaiafas via Antigoni Livieratou  
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Left photo: Penelope Photos/escape via Antigoni Livieratou // Rigth photo: via The Mountain Laurel  
Photo (up): Nikos Psathoyannakis via Antigoni Livieratou  
 Photo (up): Irini Koronaki via Antigoni Livieratou  
Photo (up): Penelope Photos/escape via Antigoni Livieratou  
Photo (up): Penelope Photos/escape via Antigoni Livieratou  
A flower semi-wreath may prove to be the lighter and playful alternative to the full crown. It can be perfect even for a chignon or an updo, as well as wearing all hair down. Think of it as part of the hairdo. You could cover its ends inside the chignon showing it mainly on the forehead, or place all the flowers at the back of the head leaving the face free. If it consisted of small flowers (mimosa, baby's breath) it might easily be worn as a tiara.  
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Left photoAlicia Rius Photography via The Frosted Petticoat Blog
Rigth photo: Анна Белоус и Алексей Гукалов via
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Left and right photos: Penelope Photos/escape via Antigoni Livieratou

Photo (up): George Pahountis via Antigoni Livieratou  
Another bohemian option is to have individual flowers incorporated in the hairdo. Small ones, like baby's breath, mimosa or lavender may create the illusion that you are bedewed with flowers! Lots of medium sized flowers scattered at the back of the head can be worn beautifuly on long hair and braids. If you like updos and low chignons this is another tip for you. Choose medium size flowers incorporating them in your hairdo as individual pieces, or garlands of smaller ones. In any way you will get a whimsical result!
 co10109 20150415 007 

Left photo: Manes Wedding Photographer via Antigoni Livieratou // Rigth photo: Yolandé Marx via The Pretty Blog 

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Photo (up): Petros & Errika via Antigoni Livieratou

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Left photo: via etsy .com // Rigth photo: Studio Gakis photography via Antigoni Livieratou

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Left photo: via Weddbook .com // Middle and rigth photos: via Harpers Bazaar 


Photo (up): George Pahountis via Antigoni Livieratou
Photo (up): Penelope Photos/escape via Antigoni Livieratou  
A statement flower strategicaly placed on the hairdo can also work in a bohemian way. Wear it on the side of your head, or try placing one on your temple. Wearing just one flower can make a statement and compliment a braid worn like a headband leaving its texture intact.  
 L4W-92 20150415 004
Left photo: Penelope Photos/escape via Antigoni Livieratou // Rigth photo: via The Chicest Chick  

 Photo (up): Penelope Photos/escape via Antigoni Livieratou

Whatever your choise may be, there is one thing you should always have in mind while having a make-over trial for your wedding: this is not an editorial photo-shoot, it's real life, is your big day and you are the one that should be remembered and not the flowers! They only exist to compliment your beautiful self. επιστροφή στην αρχή της σελίδας


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