appointment for a scalp facial

Come again? Oh, yes, you heard that right! Following the spa facials we always had at the beauty salons, here come the ones for the scalp!


As read in London Evening Standard..." Philip Kingsley, a hair doctor and one of the world’s authorities on scalp health, is convinced that we should be treating our follicles as well as our skin.

“The quest for healthy, full, shiny hair begins with a healthy scalp. If you think how dirty your body gets after a day, then imagine what your hair and scalp contend with… hands, sweat, the back of bus and Tube seats and environmental pollution." And above all he adds for those who live in big cities: “One of the main factors that affect the condition of the scalp is stress".

Therefore, if we wish for gorgeous hair, off we go to... steam, exfoliate, hydrate and massage the scalp of our heads!

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