..off to Santorini island!

This is how I feel when summer season begins: ready for holidays, for the beach and most of all to get sun tanned!

And after this, well, I face reality. I am still in town and can't wait any longer! So, what does it left since holidays and sun are still far away? To develop a gorgeous tan that will lift up my mood!

Let's raise our glass for self-tanning products! They've been around for a many decades and with the progress of science they give nowadays a beautiful realistic result. This is a huge relief! I still remember the time, years back, that I 'managed' to become completely yellow-looking like a lemon... 

Also their smell has been improved! If you've ever tried them you would know the distinctive smell they have due to the bronzing agents that stimulate the epidermis. Well, it's not here any more, or at least not as much as it used to be. And we can all wear some perfumed moisturiser on top (so useful during summer season when the alcohol that perfumes contain can easily cause skin discolouration).


photo from: spraytanstudio.co.nz 

Feeling easy and breezy finally. The only thing to talk about is skin preparation and a few key points for the perfect application of our self-tanning product!

To begin with, we shower in order to clean the skin and we exfoliate using a loofah sponge or some peeling product. This way all dead cells will disapper from our skin. We make sure we give a good rub at our elbows, ankles and the back of our feet.

After that, we continue by moisturising our body with some water-based cream. We don't use an oil-based one because we want our pores to remain open. We apply extra cream on elbows, ankles, the back of our feet and in any area that has a tendency to get dry.

Note! If we had a lukewarm or cold shower we can proceed with the application of the self tanner with no delay. If the water temperature of our shower was warm/hot we'd better wait a while until our skin cools down.

We apply our self tanning product following user's instructions. We apply a thin coating of product on our ankles, elbows and back of our feet and we make sure that we apply none to the soles of our feet! If we have no-one to help us with our back, creams and lotions are easier to apply by ourselves. If there is someone to assist us, then the usage or spray is also safe. We have to be careful though while spraying our feet. We should step on pieces of paper and should not walk around barefoot. Any product that is left on the floor will immediately be absorbed by our feet!

In the end, if we applied cream with bare hands (and not by wearing latex gloves or a special mitt) we have to thoroughly wash and rub our palms. If not, they will get extremely tanned and will expose that our tanning didn't happen in... Santorini island! We conclude the process by applying a bit more tanner in the back of our hands with a make-up sponge or our mitt, because we wouldn't want a tanned 'sleeve' that will stop at our wrist, would we?

If we used cream or lotion we should wait for about 30 mins until it gets absorbed completely. Spray products are thinner and get absorbed by the skin almost at once, reducing the waiting time.

In order to prolong the life of our tan or make it stronger, we should repeat the application on a weekly basis. And, of course, every 3-4 weeks we have to exfoliate the skin and start the process all over again.επιστροφή στην αρχή της σελίδας