product review: H&B cosmetics

I am glad to present you with this product evaluation for H&B facial cleansers and day cream.

In other words a SPA in your home! This cosmetic line contains the goodness of Dead Sea Minerals. All products are infused with essential natural oils, they are Paraben free and are NOT tested on animals.  As a professional make-up artist I am often asked what my beauty secrets and make-up tips are. I always reply that in order to create a gorgeous make-up you definitely need a beautiful base which in this case is our skin. Therefore the first step to perfection is cleansing and prepping our face.


I was happy to try the H&B Dead Sea Minerals Facial Cleansing Milk on me and my clients. The results were satisfactory even on waterproof make-up products. Make-up is completely removed and face becomes clean and feeling fresh. 

This cleansing milk has a velvety texture that leaves an absolute luxury feeling on your skin. Also it is based on natural ingredients which relax the skin and is enriched with aromatic natural oils, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A and of course active Dead Sea minerals.

I suggest that you should incorporate it on your deep cleansing routine every evening, or any time you wish to completely remove your make-up before freshening up again.

Use: apply it on face with circular motions and remove it with wet cotton pads. For deep cleansing results remove it by using lukewarm water. Afterwards splash your face with cold water, towel dry and continue with your routine.

Note*: Product suitable for combination, normal, normal-to-dry and dry skin. If you have oily skin I would suggest you choose a different cleanser. (please see Note* at the end of the article)


In my line of work I am constantly moving from one filming set to another. Doing so I need to consider carefully the way I pack my kit and also to work as quickly as possible. For these two reasons I always choose to use make-up remover wipes as my first step in order to cleanse the face before a make over. Choosing the correct brand is not very easy. Throughout the years I came across various make-up remover wipes that tend to irritate sensitive skin making it slightly red and leaving a feeling of a -well- not quite clean face.

Using the H&B Eye & Face Make-up Remover Wipes I got dazzled! They are very soft and extremely efficient. They gently clean eyes and remove even water resistant make-up products, like mascaras and eye-liners, without leaving any traces on the skin. 

Enriched with Dead Sea minerals, Aloe Vera, chamomile, pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E and been hypo-allergic (dermatologically tested by ophthalmologists and dermatologists) they are suitable for sensitive skin as well. Due to their ingredients they leave the skin feeling absolutely smooth, calm and clean with a sense of freshness. Plus you don't need to wash up your face afterwards.

They also have a special closure packaging for preserving the wipes' moisture for a long time. Which makes them a must-have item to travel with.

I highly recommend them to all women and also to all professional make-up artists.

Note*: Product suitable for all skin types.


After cleansing our face, the best way to continue in the morning is by applying a nice layer of H&B Dead Sea Minerals Collagen Firming Cream SPF-20. Once again I tested this product both on me and my clients covering a wide age range. Feedback was positive.

Although this cream looks quite thick when you first look at it in the pot, the moment you apply it on your face it gets immediately absorbed simply because it is water-based. There is no feeling of oiliness and your skin feels completely hydrated.

Apart from Collagen, which is the main firming agent, it contains essential fatty acids Omega 3 & 6, pomegranate extract, rose hip oil, sea buckthorn and lightening ingredients for an even skin colour. It also contains vitamins A, C, E and active Dead Sea minerals.

It feels like an excellent anti ageing cream with the extra benefit of a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 20.

Use: apply daily in the morning on clean skin. Follow with your usual routine and continue (if you wish!) with your make-up.

Note*: Product suitable for women over 35 with normal, normal-to-dry and dry skin. If you have combination or oily skin I would suggest you choose a different cream. (please see Note* at the end of the article) 

I also wish to highlight the very reasonable price of H&B Dead Sea Minerals' products for the quality they offer! (this is based on the online pricing - prices may vary locally).

You can find all details about the products listed above and the complete catalogue of H&B Dead Sea Minerals at their official website "Health & Beauty H&B".


Note*: At last (but not least) I wish to mention that this evaluation took place in the area of Athens, Greece in the middle of the summer with temperatures rising from 30 to 39 degrees Celsius. In any other country/area with less hot temperature, or in a different season of the year, these products should be suitable even for women with combination skin.επιστροφή στην αρχή της σελίδας