bridal makeup tips: is this your "something blue"?

Light up your eyes with a hint of summer!

Incorporate in your eye make-up some turquoise or aqua blue color and take your look in another dimension! Just make sure you don't overdo it, a touch of color is enough. You will be amazed!


For a mysterious smoky eye you could combine it with the brown color of the wood and the gold of the sand. And simply dazzle everybody!

If you are wondering about the best application for your facial structrure, you could be advised by your make-up artist or book a private lesson.

Backstage at Versace - Spring 2014 Couture collection. 
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makeup tips: aiming for strong eyes?

Wish you always had strong eyes ?

No matter what colour they are. No matter how strongly made up they are if any at all. Here is the key to eyes that are always going to be remembered. The eyebrows. And to be true, the beautifully defined eyebrows.


Did I startle you? This happens because our eyebrows are the frame of our eyes. You might prefer natural colours on your make-up routine, or strong ones, or even no make-up at all. It's fine as long as you take good care of your eyebrows. They always have to look beautifully groomed and plucked.

Natural eyebrows are a big trend at the moment. The outcome is a younger and more fresh look at our face. If you are not confident on doing them on your own, a proffessional make-up artist is what you need. He can shape them for you considering your facial structure.

Backstage @Christian Dior-Spring 2014 Couture collection. 
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makeup tips: since winter is finally coming to an end

Since winter is finally coming to an end, shall we start getting ready for spring by wearing lighter shades in our eyes?

Try some brown, olive, grey, or blue hues for a fresh outcome. Just replace dark winter colors with lighter ones and you'll see how your look and mood is changing!

Note: This year the eye colour palette becomes warm-toned (1st row) compared to the cool tones we saw last year (2nd row).

PhotoByMicheleMorosi GiorgioArmani SS2015-RTW Photo By Michele Morosi. Backstage at AlexanderMcQueen SS2015-RTW

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makeup tips: do you adore your red lipstick?

Do you adore your red lipstick?

Combine it with smokey eyes in the new orchid purple for appearances that will be remembered!