inspiring bridal photoshoot

I am delighted to present you with a styled shoot specifically aimed for bridal beauty 

The theme of the photo-shoot came as an idea to me after listening carefully to the wishes and thoughts of my clients. A very important matter that every bride-to-be faces, while preparing her big day, is the choice of the style for her bridal makeup and hairstyling. Possibilities seem endless. Therefore, I collaborated with talented photographer Penelope on a styled shoot, aiming to present all future brides with a selection of the 4 most inspiring types of makeup and hairstyles that brides-to-be choose for their wedding day.

Coordinating this styled shoot I felt extremely blessed with the people from the wedding industry I managed to gather around me. There is not enough I could say about: The magic lens and the lovely personality of our talented photographer Penelope. The aesthetics of our hostesses at Pyrgos Petreza that is reflected all around the venue. The typical inland Greek architecture of it and its beautiful grounds that gave a Mediterranean feeling to every photo. The variety in the collection of bridal gowns and shoes that designer Helena Kyritsi chose personally for us. And finally the amazing fresh bouquets and accessories created by Les Fleuristes. I am deeply thankful to them.


 Natural makeup

Many brides wish to appear natural and makeup-free on the day of their wedding. In order to achieve the unmade-up makeup look, extra care is given to the skin, whereas any imperfections are covered carefully while the skin on its total is kept clean or made-up transparently. Blush should be discreet. Eye-liner is used to define the eyes as well as individual lashes and mascara. The lips are softly painted or remain natural.


Hair worn down

We let the hair loosely worn down. Straight, curled or wavy, with a side or a centered parting they are adorned with accessories that suit the style of the ceremony that is chosen by the couple. This hairstyle has a boheme or romantic feeling. The total look has a lightness. It's a perfect choice for a summer beach wedding.

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Romantic makeup

The main characteristic of the romantic makeup is that it remains in natural tones. Also, it is a little stronger than the natural makeup. Soft eye-shadows in earthy colors (pink, lilac & brown) are used in the eyelids and pink or peachy colors are used in the lips. Blush is chosen accordingly. Eye-liner & fake lashes are compulsory and mascara, as usual, a must wear.


Half-up hairdo

Half of the hair (straight, curled or wavy), are pinned up revealing the face. Flowers or hair jewelery can easily be incorporated in this hairdo. It is a romantic hairdo that could be styled with a feeling from country-style to vintage. This type of hairstyle is the mid solution between leaving hair down and pinning them all up.

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Focus on the lips

This make-up always makes a statement and is suitable all year round. I suggest light-colored eye-shadows or very soft smokey eyes, choosing a color different to the gray and black palette. The key to this look is the balance between eyes and lips. As it states, a vivid lipstick in coral, red or fuchsia color is a must wear.


Low chignon updo

In this type of hairstyle, the hair are gathered low on the neck revealing the back and the shoulders. A classic and elegant hairdo with a range of expression from boheme and romantic to vintage and retro. Depending on the feeling that we aim for, it can be adorned with small flowers or jewelery. Could be easily worn all year round.

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Dramatic eyes

Makeup that sees to a night out and is perfect for weddings that take place after dusk while the sun light is fading away. Dramatic smokey eye-shadows in colors that compliment the colour of the eyes. We keep the lips toned down, in tones of beige and pink or even leave them bare. It is rather the most wintery makeup among the four. Of course we can always wear it on any other month of they year.


High hair updo

One more usual choice for bridal hairdo is the high hair updo. It can be set either on the top or the crown of the head. In such a hairstyle we can give any character we wish for (modern, romantic, classic etc.) depending on its style (tight, curly and loose or textured). It is ideal for destination weddings that take place on an island because you have nothing to worry about the wind.

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